The Department has always had a mission, which is to contribute meaningfully in the resolution of a variety of issues that are of great importance to man. Our vision is to be relevant to the society. This is why at the first-degree level, we try to design and execute a programme that leads to the grooming of middle-cadre power for ministries, industries, oil companies and other environmental establishments.


i. To give students a sound knowledge of the principles of spatial organization of natural and human phenomena on the earth’s surface. ii. To make students appreciate the nature and distribution of natural resources and the impact of these on human activities. iii. To equip students with suitable analytical and technical skills required for tackling the problems of spatial development. iv. To stimulate an awareness for imbibing the necessary skills for environmental conservations, restoration and sustainability. v. To enable students to specialize in areas relevant to national development, particularly environmental management.

Application Areas

i. Rural, urban and regional planning. ii. Biogeography iii. Geographic techniques/applications-cartography, remote sensing and GIS iv. Hydrology, geomorphology and watershed management v. Climatology vi. Environmental impact assessment. vii. Population viii. Transport planning and management.